Book Review: Winnie The Mini Horse

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. However, all opinions are my own.

As I have written about before, Snapper is very delayed in her speaking. She has been diagnosed with a significant language delay and anxiety, stemming from her speech delay. She has finally started saying some things (Momma made me cry) and started Speech Therapy this week, and we absolutely love her therapist so far! Different types of therapy have been something on my mind very often lately. Our dogs are great for her, and she and Tbomb are actually getting their own pup. I have really wanted to try horse therapy with her because she absolutely loves horses, and all animals. When I had the opportunity to read Winnie The Mini Horse, I was beyond excited. We have actually considered buying her a mini horse, so this was the perfect book for her.

Winnie the Mini Horse by [Ebert, Andra, Ebert, Morgan]Today is a special day at Sunnyside Meadows, a miniature horse farm. A new member has joined the herd, and her name is Winnie the Mini. The little foal loves running and jumping and having fun with all of her friends in the pasture.

But one day, Winnie is separated from her friends and loaded onto a truck. She is sad, and she will miss Sunnyside Meadows. She finds herself at another farm with Andi, Ryan, and Sophie and two other mini horses named Jasper and Bailey. Here she will make new friends.

This picture book for children follows Winnie the Mini as she learns about life and new experiences when she leaves the only home she has known and goes to a brand-new place.

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