A New Crowdfunding Project is Designed to Remember a Brother and Save Thousands More

Encinitas, CA, November 2, 2016– On February 8, 2013, a son, brother, and musician, Jonathan Lazarus, took his own life. In response, Melody Nolan, John’s sister, created an eBay store named Lazarus Treasures to benefit The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program. Nolan has begun a crowdfunding effort to raise funds to create a new mental health awareness and advocacy group, TreasureLives. More information can be found at http://www.TreasureLives.org.

 “The new project, TreasureLives, will not only support the continuation of Lazarus Treasures, but also provide video and written aids about suicide prevention,” Nolan said. TreasureLives features a YouTube channel which will share stories of those who have been saved from suicide attempts and broadcast memorials of lives lost. Nolan’s vision also includes the development of a mental health awareness curriculum encompassing grade school through college, as well as providing mental health advocacy for seniors, veterans, and the disabled.  The initial funding will go to the creation of written and video aids and to spreading the word to the public about the project.

“Losing someone to suicide is excruciating. Out of respect for the wishes of the other members of my family, I don’t discuss John’s death. He was a brilliant musician and a loving brother. John was just 28 when he took his own life,” Nolan said. The TreasureLives Suicide Prevention Project is being crowdfunded at https://www.youcaring.com/preventsuicides. International donations are welcome. Donations can also be made via a link at the TreasureLives website at http://www.TreasureLives.org. Ms Nolan is seeking just $5,000 to get TreasureLives started. For more information, please call (760) 298-3144 or email MyTreasureLives@gmail.com.

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