3 Ways To Organize With Tape

I will warn you. I am a little obsessed with tape. Seriously- all kinds! Magnet, glow in the dark tape, washi, it really doesn't matter. If it sticks, I want it. I use tape a good bit when I am organizing. Today, I'm going to share a few ways that tape helps keep me sane!

1. Stay Put! I use velcro tape for anything that needs to stay in its place. This may be remotes, pens, charts, and anything else that I want to stay in a particular place and do not want it to be easy for the kids to pick up. I even use velcro tape in school!

2. Planning! I use a variety of tape rollers (to glue down sticky notes), washi tape, paper tape, and even post-it tape while planning months and weeks. It is especially great for blocking off days for vacation, special projects, and anything else that will change your schedule drastically. I use it on the weeks for dividing up my days and more.

3. Labels! I like using masking tape to write labels on things. I also use chalkboard tape for this. I use washi tape to color code everything!!! Seriously, my, my husbands, and both kids electronics accessories are color coded with washi tape- even our rechargeable batteries are.

This is how I use tape to organize on a daily basis. However, I'm always finding new ways to use a variety of tape. For instance, I keep a roll of painters tape in my paranormal equipment bag for taping down cords and marking the placement of items that move. I also keep it in our school supplies for  impromptu hands-on lessons. I have recently discovered anti slip tape that is truly amazing. My husband's elderly grandparents live next door and we are always worrying about them slipping and falling. We put anti-slip tape down at steps and other places that may be slippery to help prevent falls.

See why I love tape?!

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