10 Tips For A FANtastic Football Party

I live in South Carolina. Do you know what that combined with Fall means? Football! C-team, high school, college, and pros. It can mean backyard football around here. We just love football. We had an especially great year last year with Clemson going to the nationals and The Panthers going to the Superbowl. Adding to the excitement, we had a hometown boy come home to the Panthers this year. As you can imagine, we have been super pumped this year!

At my house, football is a celebration. We over-do the food, noise, decor, and snacks. That is just what we do. Over the last few years, I have learned some things that make a great football party even better, especially when the hostess loves the game, too.

10 Tips For The Perfect Football Party

1. Entertain the kids. Seriously, can you enjoy the game if you have bored kids under foot? No, so prepare ahead of time. I keep a box of kid entertainment ready. I include coloring books, puzzles, a movie with headphones, and bubbles to run off energy outside. I also get the kids up cheering along when the time is appropriate.

One of the best ways to keep kids occupied and happy is to grab the Fort Magic kit and let them build their own little getaway right in the den or living room. We know where they are yet everyone gets their own space. Plus, it's fun to help them build a football fort during halftime! 

2. Comfort is key! Pile some extra throws in a basket, throw some decorative pillows on the couch, and slam some oversized cushions on the floor. Encourage everyone to get comfortable, and everyone will enjoy their time more. 

3. Don't ware yourself out. Do you have a room that is an eyesore? Close the door; clean the main bathroom, kitchen, and den; and give yourself a break. I never worry about our bedroom, but the kids' rooms are always cleaned (they have kids in and out). 

4. Easy Meals. I have learned to not try and cook for our football parties. Sometimes for a Superbowl party, I'll cook some chili or something, but other than that, I cheat. If I'm providing dinner, which I usually do, especially for the kids, I'll pick up premade subs at the grocery or a catering tray from a local restaurant. Even spending a little extra, it is well worth it. I do not have to grocery shop, clean up, and everything else- I can enjoy the game. 

5. Make clean up easy! Strategically place waste bins around the guest area so that you end up with little trash piled around. Purchase disposable cups, plates, cutlery, and even serving items. You can just toss it and clean up is done. Add to that, some team table cloths to put over the tables, bars, and counters. This is also great for a kids' area- on the table or floor- then pick up and toss. 

6. Easy snacks. Purchase a variety of dips, chips, cookies, pretzels, and desserts. No one expects Martha Stewart, so just keep them in the original packaging and you are good to go! 

7. Easy Decor. I have always enjoyed having a variety of place settings and centerpieces at my disposal. Mix in a few of you team colors and you are set for a fabulous football party. 

8. Make it great. Looking for a way to add a little oomph to your party? Pick up a bakery cake with your team colors or shaped like a football. You will be the talk of the neighborhood. 

9. Don't stress. Seriously, your guests are not worrying about everything you are. They are there to have fun with the host/ hostess, not judge your food or house. Aim to have fun with your guests, and that is it. 

10. Popcorn (I have been compensated for this review. However, all opinions are my own). Popcorn is a staple of any party. Put it in a team tin and it can be the centerpiece of your game table. Popcorn from The Popcorn Factory is sure to please any guest. Coming in 150 different flavors, there is sure to be a flavor for you. I'm still partial to the 3 flavor tin, which is exactly what came in our Panthers tin that will be used in our house for years to come- cheese, butter, and caramel. You could easily put the tin on the coffee table, along with some paper cups to eat out of, and call that snack done!

You can order from The Popcorn Factory for just abut any occasion, or even have a tin specialized. The quality and freshness will not disappoint. They make an excellent Christmas gift as well. (hint, hint). 

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