Health Items to Store at Home

Whether you have a household full of kids or live as a single person, keeping certain health items around the house is a critical choice. Disasters can occur at nearly any time, and professional help may not be at your disposal. On your next shopping trip, stock up on these common items that will help you stay safe in times of emergency.

The Basic First-Aid Kit

Begin with the basics in your emergency kit, including the first-aid container. This kit should have an ample supply of bandages, gauze, tape and antiseptics. Take a close look at the size of the kit before you buy it. Some kits are designed for a certain household size. Ideally, pick a kit that's slightly larger than your current household size so that you can serve everyone with ease.

Drug Screening Tools

A big part of staying healthy is understanding the drugs that are possibly within a person's system. Although you may not have professional drug hardware, such as an HIV ELISA kit, there are household testing tools that you can buy. Test a loved one for drugs so that they don't have any issues with other medications taken at the same time. You can save a life with this one kit.

Water Supplies Galore

Humans cannot live for very long without water in their system. Before you work on another section of your health supplies, purchase many bottles of water. In fact, buy more water than you think you'll drink or use in a given week. If an emergency sets in where municipal water supplies aren't available, those bottled products will save a life.

Blankets, Canned Items and More

Your health also depends on the sheltering items that you keep on hand. Being exposed to cold conditions can hurt a person as much as a disease. Stock several thick blankets, hats and gloves at your home. Add to your water supply by purchasing canned foods that will provide energy and nourishment too.

Extra batteries, a radio and stocked prescriptions are just a few of the other items that should be on hand as part of your emergency stock. Take a close look at what items you might use on a daily basis that are absolute necessities. If you cannot live a day without that item, add some of them to your emergency stock pile. You'll be as prepared as possible when an emergency strikes.

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