Easy-Peasy DIY I'm Lost Bracelets #OrientalTrading

Disclaimer: I received products to complete projects with. I have not been compensated in any other way.

My Tbomb has never been one to wander off. He wants to stay right with mom. Snapper (previously known as Kodabug), is a different story. She likes to wander off because something gets her attention. Earlier in the summer, she tried to follow a goose off while we were at a park. To make matters worse, she doesn't talk, so she cannot tell someone that she is lost and get them to understand. I have been trying to find a way to help her in case she ever does manage to get lost, and of course, I included Tbomb as well.

To make these bracelets, you only need two items from oriental trading: Paracord Bracelet Kit (I used the father's day kit), and shoe lace charms. Masking tape that you can write on will be handy as well.

Follow the directions included in the kit to make the bracelet, replacing the included charms with the shoelace charm. These are very simple to make- just like macrame. The significant part comes in labeling the bracelet. Tbomb's says "I'm Lost" in sharpie. Snappers says "I can't talk, call mom" in sharpie. Under that, I put masking tape with the phone number. I did it this way because it will not rub off and I can change the number depending on who the kid is with- me, dad, grandparents, etc. I really like that the charms are neon colors too. I made these for their anklets because they will take bracelets off or fidget with them. You know your child, so you know what iwill work best.

I've told Tbomb that if he can't find mom, dad, or his grandparents, to find someone who works where we are or another adult if he can't find an employee and tell them he is lost, then show his anklet. Snapper was a bit different- I've had to teach her to find a grown up and just point to her bracelet. She's good at grunting very loud when she wants attention, so I think the point would be made.

You can customize these for any special needs or dietary needs. You may not think that your child would benefit from a bracelet like this, but thesy are inexpensive to make and take less than 5 minutes. I definitely think that is worth it!

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