Easily Track Chores and Limit Screen Time with #OrientalTrading

Disclaimer: I received products to complete this project. I have not been compensated in any other way.

Tbomb has a tablet that he uses for school, Minecraft, a few games, and watching movies. Snapper has a LeapPad and will soon be upgraded to an Android Tablet. Screen time is a constant battle in our house and I never can seem to remember to check off chores on their chore chart. I came up with a simple solution to solve both of those problems. All you need is a few items found in Oriental Trading's teaching supplies.

All you need is library pockets, large craft sticks, markers, heavy duty magnets, and magnet tape. The hardest part of this project figuring out which chores to choose. I chose some things they do every day anyway and mixed in some things I want the kids working on doing every day, like making their own beds. I also added in a once a week chore. Theirs is cleaning the yard, which includes picking up sticks, toys, and trash. I wrote the name of the chore on one side and any details on the other side.

Then, you have to pick an amount of time for each chore. I made this simple. The everyday chores are worth 5 minutes of tablet time. The weekend chore is 30 minutes. I added in another stick because my children enjoy whining. It simply says "whining.... -2 minutes." That one gets them every time.

I added heavy duty magnets to the back of the library magnets and Xyron magnet tape to the back of the popsicle sticks. Stick the craft sticks inside the pockets and stick on the fridge. I added them to the kids' "launch station." The launch station has their character traits they should be working on- Tbomb's is helping without expecting a reward, and Snapper's is getting someone's attention without yelling. It works pretty well. This station also has magnets for great work, a timer, our quiet stick, and Tbomb's target.

We have actually been using this chore system for about a week and I could not possibly be happier with the results.

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