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Disclaimer: I am a Dealspotr influencer, but I do encourage the use of this amazing platform!

I work from home, I am with my kids all day, I homeschool my kids, and I love to bargain shop. What does all of this mean? I have to find ways to help fund homeschool with alternate means. I love earning gift cards to do this. Doing this allows me to buy books, school supplies, and more without it actually coming out of household income. It makes being able to homeschool much easier. Plus, it makes the hubby happy.

Dealspotr is my new favorite way of earning gift cards. I was even able to earn a gift card by becoming an influencer! In addition to earning gift cards, you can find discount codes for shopping online and even printable coupons! So, you earn money and save money. What a great combination!

  Join Dealspotr

You earn Karma by doing certain tasks and can exchange those Karma points for gift cards! 

Spot Deals!

When you are checking out the deals on Dealspotr, you can click a button to boost it. When it gets boosted enough, it becomes "on fire." When this happens, the person who added the deal and the person who boosted it earn points! 

Comment on Deals!

You also get to earn points simply by commenting on deals! While your comment can be super simple like "thank you," you can also earn more points by leaving a more detailed comment. 

Your Profile!

When you select topics that interest you, you can view the deals on your feed, which is a new feature, but super handy. You can even follow specific posters to see which deals they post! When you follow interests that have more followers, you have an opportunity to get more "on fire" deals! 

Your Checklist!

Each day, Dealspotr gives you a checklist. Your checklist will have 3 tasks for you to complete. Your checklist will have simple tasks that only take a few minutes to complete. For doing these tasks, you will earn 200 bonus points. Just doing these tasks will get you gift cards, so at least try to do these every day. 

Flag Bad Deals!

While you do need to have a reason to flag a bad deal, even if it is because it is a duplicate deal, you can still earn Karma points for flagging them. Call it good karma for others searching for deals! 

Add Deals!

You see deals all over the place. They are in your email, on your Facebook sidebar, and on other websites. When you see one, just pop on over to Dealspotr and add the deal. Pretty simple way to earn Karma and help others save money!

Sign Up!

When you sign up using my referral code (THEPALMETTOQUEEN) or this link, you will automatically earn 5000 points, which is basically a $5 Amazon card. You can get it once you earn $10. How Awesome is that, what are you waiting for? Sign up, save money, and earn gift cards! 

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