How household chores can inspire your kid to be a better student

Parenting is, without a doubt, a challenging and sometimes too overwhelming task. You are supposed to make your kid a responsible adult through various activities, including cleaning. Of course, the majority of parents ask their kids to do their homework before asking them for help around the household or anything else, but do you think that there is a connection between school and cleaning chores? To be more precise, do you think that you can motivate your kid to pass exams with flying colours and be the best student in the class through the performance of different cleaning activities? Believe it or not that's absolutely possible.

  • Asking your kids to wash the dishes, tidy up their room or help you take the clothes out the dryer and fold them actually means you teach them to be more organized. You can also make a list of chores such as tidying up the room, doing the homework, taking care of the pet and competing a small cleaning task. Then, check the consequence of the procedures your kids performed and if necessary discuss it with them and emphasize of the importance of prioritizing.
  • Decide whether it is appropriate to set a timer for every project you assign them to. Some kids just cannot perform anything under pressure and failure will demotivate them instead of encouraging them to learn new things and balance between different tasks.
  • Raising a kid who never manages to hand in the homework on time and is careless towards school project is not easy at all. You have to be armed with a lot of patience to find a way to motivate him/ her. Of course, some school subjects will be more interesting to your kid than others, so you can try to find his passion through cleaning. In order to motivate the kid to learn, SuperCleaners N14 are advising you to ask for help in the kitchen. Culinary is an art and a science and the best cooks have mastered the skill of managing their time. They also know the proper quantity of the ingredients that make the meal delicious.
  • Cooking definitely motivates your kids to learn different things, but the mess after the preparation of the meal can also play a role for making them understand the importance of the proper organization. Don't hesitate to ask for help with the clean-up. This way, you will teach your kids that finishing a certain task from the beginning to the end is essential.
  • Limit distractions and provide your kids with a quiet place where they can prepare their homework. The access to Internet can be a double-edged sword. Your child might use it to finish the homework, but at the same time, they can get distracted by the release of new TV series.
  • Ask your children to take the responsibility of keeping the place clean. Explain your kid that scattered papers and books on the floor, overflowing trash bin are not acceptable. Establishing a cleaning routine or a chart can help your kids be more organized.

You should not expect your children to have excellent marks in all subjects. Some kids are interested in maths while others are interested in studying languages, for example. The point is that you should teach your kids that even if they dislike a certain subject, it does not mean they should neglect it. Make it clear that later in life, they will be required to take responsibility and do stuff they are not particularly keen on but regardless, they are responsible for its completion.

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