Get More From Your Snack

Everyone gets hungry between meals, right? But snacking can quickly get the best of anyone with the healthiest of eating habits. But a few strategies can help you get more—vitamins, nutrients, fiber, protein—from your between-meal eating.

It’s even more important when you understand that snacking, not meals, is becoming more and more of a way of life. People aren’t snacking just once, but up to five times, and some are always eating, all the time.

When it comes to snacks, focusing on protein and fiber are key. Both those dietary elements fill the stomach for longer periods of time, improving immunity and blood sugar levels. And those snacks are surprisingly diverse—avocado on toast, for example, or goat cheese-stuffed dates and saucy egg toast. And diversifying your snacks will also help you to avoid dietary boredom.

Want to learn more about snacking well? Use the ideas in this graphic. (Read the original article here)

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