4 Ways To Have Fun This Summer With #OrientalTrading

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own. 

Did you know that Oriental Trading is a one-stop shop for all things summer fun? Lucky for me, I've known this for years and love to utilize Oriental Trading in all that I do- school, parties, church, business, and especially summer fun for the kids. Here are some ways to keep summer exciting, keep the kids from getting bored, and make every day like a party in your back yard. Get everything you need straight from OrientalTrading.com.

1. Host A Luau

What says summer more than a Luau? Why not throw a big one this summer. Even better, go ahead and have the items you need on hand and throw them periodically throughout the summer? Say, every other Saturday. You could have one for each group- family, friends, kids' friends, boy scouts, and even a neighborhood block party. Oriental Trading has everything you need to throw the luau of the century, go ahead and get some grass skirts and limbo sets!

Luau Decorations

2. Pool Fun

Stock the pool this summer with new floats, games, and the patio with amazing dinner and drinkware to really set the mood. When the kids have water volleyball, will they really get bored that easily? Mine won't! Check out the outdoor toys offered by Oriental Trading!

Inflatable Under the Sea Giant Animals

3. Glow Fun

My kids are obsessed with glow sticks, I mean really obsessed. We have them everywhere and still never seem to have enough. On the weekends, when the kids can be outside later, we load the kids up with glow sticks and set them free in the yard. We tie them to boundaries (trees so that they do not go into the woods, bushes, and a certain distance up the driveway), hide them around the yard to be found, and even let them make fake fire with them! They love having glow sticks when they catch lightning bugs. For older kids, you could even do a snipe hunt or other games after dark with them. 

Premium Glow

4. Indoor Fun

Certain times of the day it is just too hot during the summer to play outside. I work from home, so I work from my laptop while they play outside. However, about lunch time every day, we head in the house to cool off. It gets too hot in South Carolina, so I am always looking for ways to keep them calm and entertained, especially when they would rather be outside, or in the pool. Oriental Trading has a ton of activities that will keep your kids busy inside and entertained, especially these games


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