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Disclaimer: I received free products in order to host the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own. 

Classical music has always been a huge part of my life. I was in choir and singing classes for over 12 years and was on a stage whenever it called. Many nights at home, my mom was playing classical music in an attempt to help me and my brothers retain what we were studying. Classical music seems to have left my life lately, though. I want it back, so when I heard about Peter and The Wolf in Hollywood, I was ecstatic. Even more so when I was selected for this party.

You can Learn more about Peter and the Wolf at

I was provided with everything I needed to host this party, except the kids. I was sent a $10 iTunes gift card, which I used as a prize, a Peter and the Wolf soundtrack, posters, buttons, coloring pages, party decor, craft supplies, snacks, party printables, and fun stuff from HP and iLoveToCreate, along with other fun goodies. We had an amazing party. Sadly, my lovely SD card erased itself, so I lost these photos, along with several of the kids doing fun nature stuff.

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For my party, I did a lunch time party, so my mommy friends could have a break. I set the table, served Wolf Wraps, Peter's Pita Pizzas, Pretzel Flutes, Jumping Jell-O Pools, popcorn, and a mix of veggies picked fresh out of the garden. The moms were happy sitting back and watching the kids enjoy their time together. It was a fun movie theater type lunch date, or at least that's what I was going for!

Wolf Wraps:
Portable and packed with protein, these small roll-ups will keep the party rollin!

  • Spreadable Cream Cheese
  • 10-Inch Whole Wheat Tortillas
  • Thinly Sliced Cheese
  • Thinly Sliced Turkey Lunch Meat
  1. Spread tortillas with a thin layer of cream cheese
  2. Place a single layer of cheese on top
  3. Place a single layer of turkey on top of the cheese
  4. Starting with the side closest to you, roll the tortillas up tightly. Trim off the ends
  5. Cut each tortilla into 6 or 8 slices
  6. Serve immediately or cover with plastic and refrigerate until ready to eat. 

We also had the chance to play some super-fun games. We played "Who am I?" using the buttons provided and played the music in the background. Using the wolf character button, we played Where in Hollywood is Mr. Wolf. We had an amazing adventure to find the escaped wolf- of course, I gave them clues along the way! 

Using items that we could easily find around the house, each child was able to make an instrument to take home. The instruments included Tambourine, Drum, and Guitar, When it was time to wind down, so the kids wouldn't be super crazy going home, I sat them at the table with Peter and the Wolf coloring pages and crayons while I somewhat got my house back in order and got to visit with my mommy friends. 

Would you like to have Peter and the Wolf right in your own living room? Well, you can- thanks to the iOs app. The iPhone version will contain the moviebook as well as a few features that will give you behind-the-scenes information. The Deluxe version for iPad features fun games you and your family can play, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and extras.You can download it from the iTunes store

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