Making A Profit As A Street Vendor

These days it appears that a lot of people are finding the idea of becoming a street vendor as a way of finding independence and being their own boss. Surprisingly, the general public has once again found it more appealing to purchase food from a food truck than to sit in a fast food restaurant on their lunch break, if you base it on the number of food trucks you now see lined up on a daily basis.

Not surprisingly, people who can not afford the start-up costs of a food truck business are starting out smaller. Now, along with the food trucks, you see smaller stands and food carts that are bringing back the good, old-fashioned classics like cotton candy, snow cones, and popcorn. That's right - you don't have to go to the carnival to find these treats anymore!

The question is - what kind of money could a person earn with this type of business? Of course, location will play a huge part in that equation. Also, the product or products that you choose to sell will matter. For instance, you may just opt for a snow cone cart in the summer months. The smell of fresh, hot waffles tends to draw in a nice crowd in the wintertime. Once you've decided on what you will be offering, you'll find that a food cart can turn out to be a quite lucrative enterprise. To give you some idea of a potential profit margin, you should use a handy profit calculator, such as the one that can be found on the website.

Next, you will have to check licensing laws in the area you in which you intend to peddle your wares. One advantage of having a food cart as opposed to a food truck is space. You will find that you can set up on just about any street corner anywhere, if the law allows. Or, you can park amongst the 'Big Boys'. Many people are happy just for a little desert or snack. Stationing yourself near food trucks may just help you to be seen by hungry people on their lunch breaks who would rather do their one-stop 'shopping' all in one location.

For anyone who is considering kicking their briefcase and their business suits to the curb, they may just want to consider that curb as a place to set up their new 'office'.

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