Mindfulness expert, Kathy Walsh, teaches parents how to raise peaceful kids in her new book, Thirty Days to a Mindful Home.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “How do I bring mindfulness and peace into my home?” Look no further, as Kathy Walsh has the perfect guide to help you do just that!

Why did Kathy write this book?

I wrote 30 Days to a Mindful Home to give parents the tools to help make their homes and families more peaceful. Just like any diet or exercise plan, it takes thirty days to make something a habit. Each day gives parents one mindfulness tool that they can use that day. As a parent of two beautiful daughters, I understand how busy parents can be. So, I made these tools simple, easy and quick.

My intention for each parent is at the end of the thirty days’ they can take three mindfulness tips that resonate with them and use those for several years to come. Consistency is key and three simple mindful techniques used consistently works really well. With my two daughters I enjoyed creating the gratitude journals, the meditation at night, and the positive music playing around the house! For years we practiced these tools together, and I can see now that they are adults, that these mindfulness tools made a positive impact on their lives

What is a Mindful Home?

Let me first say that a mindful home is not perfect by any means. Having a mindful home is having a positive look on life. It is realizing that peace is an inside job; nothing external can bring that to you. It often includes being conscious of how we set an intention for the home. For example, “In this home, we are compassionate towards animals, respect the earth, and take time to breathe and listen to our hearts.” In a mindful home, we look at life through the eyes of love. Seeing your child in a positive light, making gratitude a habit and taking time to be in the moment, all help to make a home more peaceful.

Why is it important to set an intention for your home?

How often do we think about and/or write down our intentions for raising our children? What could be more important? When you are clear about your intention for raising your children, other decisions become easier to make. For example, my intention was that my children always listen to their own hearts and let their intuition guide them. With this intention, I had to listen to them when they spoke, and act according to what their hearts were telling them. You will be surprised when you write your intention down for raising your child how clear your parenting style becomes.

What are your top three tips for creating a mindful home?

For the busy mom, I would suggest these three mindful tools to add to their day.

  • The first is taking time at bedtime to write in a gratitude journal with your kids or to say three things they were grateful for that day. This allows them to go to sleep with a grateful heart
  • The second is to put on meditation music or a guided meditation at bedtime. Together, you lie down together, breathe, unwind and let your mind and body relax before going to bed.
  • The third is hard to choose, but I feel that putting a playlist of happy songs on in the morning as everyone is getting ready to go about their day sets a positive intention for the entire day. For extra credit say something positive to them! “I love the way your hair curls,” or “It’s going to be a great day!” or even “Isn’t the weather beautiful? We are so blessed!” It’s so easy, and your kids will be singing these songs and hearing your message in their thoughts throughout the day. These mindfulness tools will help them to be the bright and shining star that they are.

What is the biggest obstacle to raising peaceful kids?

I think families today are trying their best to make their lives more peaceful. What I see most is that they are out of balance. Technology is amazing, and I use it every day, but it makes me sad when I see families out to dinner and everyone is on their phones.

Dinnertime is a wonderful opportunity to sit together and discuss their child’s day or week, and what they are feeling. It is also a great time to show appreciation for the food we eat and time spent together. So in the end, I think the hardest thing for parents to accomplish is balancing technology in this modern world. I recommend embracing opportunities for conversation, taking walks in nature together (without cell phones!) and enjoying each moment you are in!


Those who know Kathy’s story will tell you that her career and position as a mindfulness expert is no coincidence. Kathy grew up in a house filled to the brim with love, peacefulness, positive thinking, happiness, and laughter with her six siblings. She smiles ear-to-ear when talking about her glowing childhood and her mother. “People always wanted to be at my house. My mother created a positive environment for children.” she exclaims.

Inspired by her whimsical and influential childhood experiences, Kathy set out to live a positive life of mindfulness and peace. Filled with yoga, education, the arts, and happiness, Kathy’s entire career path was guided by her goal of helping others live a life of mindfulness.

A master meditator and avid reader and author of mindfulness books, Kathy created a series of children’s books and meditations called Joyohboy. These resources for parents not only share her stories of mindfulness and peace, but also seek to provide children with the tools they need to live a peaceful life and make an impactful change in our world. “My goal is to provide families with the tools they need to help their children lead a life of mindfulness, peace, and balance. With these tools, they can change the world!”

Most recently, Kathy launched Peace Place for Kids, where children and their families can come to participate in activities such as yoga, the arts, meditation, and so much more with the goal of finding their peace. Peace Place for Kids teaches children to find their inner balance so they can go out into the world with the confidence they need to succeed and make the world a remarkable place.

Boasting more than 20 years of experience working with children, the arts, and education, Kathy’s finds nothing more exciting than helping children and their families find a life of peace. Prior to writing Joyohboy, Kathy designed and launched renowned holistic programs for children at the Rudolf Steiner School in NYC and the Connecticut Conservatory of the Arts in New Milford. A frequent guest commentator in print and on broadcast media, Kathy has been nationally recognized. She has been featured on NPR, in Hollywood Life, on live television, and a number of magazines and blogs. Celebrities Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, Megan Fox and Rachel Bilson are all fans of Kathy’s books.

All of Kathy’s nine books, including Thirty Days to a Mindful Home, are available for purchase on Amazon.com and the Baby’s Brilliant App.

To learn more about Kathy, visit: www.peaceplaceforkids.com

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