Our #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate: How To Save A Rained Out Party!

Disclaimer: As A #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate host, my family received a box of goodies to throw a party, inform about Disney, and write this post with. All opinions are my own.

As soon as I got confirmation that my family was chosen to throw a #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate, I was planning a fun Easter playdate with my kids and their cousins. I knew it was going to be a blast.

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By the time our box full of magic arrived, I had games planned, an Easter Egg hunt planned, amazing decor, and so much more- all to happen outside. Here comes the morning of the party and it was going to rain. Mom brain kicked in and I made some last minute changes. We did have a few cancellations, but the kids still had fun.

Easter Egg Hunt

Before the rain came in, we decided to go ahead with the Easter Egg hunt. Because the kids vary a bit in age and ability, we color coded the eggs and it worked perfectly! They loved the bite sized chocolate bunnies inside the eggs! 

The kids had a blast hunting eggs and for some of the kids, it was their first time hunting eggs, and it was magical. The color-coded eggs really made a big difference. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and many of the parents were raving about this idea and said they would be doing the same. (Yes, we ended up doing it again after the party, but inside because the kids had so much fun!)

Puppet Theater

Because we were not going to be able to be outside long, we weren't going to be able to do the puppet theater. My husband had put one together using some bushes and a sheet for the kids to do their puppet show with. We didn't have room in the house for a theater, so I came up with something different. 

I got out the kids' magnetic games with their cookie sheets and pulled out their magnetic Mr Potato Heads. I then added Xyron magnetic tape to the back of the puppet show pieces that were meant for paper bag puppets. Then, they could play Mr Potato Head #DisneyKid style!

Disney Fun

Disney had sent a whole box of goodies for the party- family thank you, treats, decor, party favors and more to help fill the party with Disney magic. The kids had a blast, as did our guests. 

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