Healthy Snack Options For Travel and Tips For Preparing Them (Plus #CrispyGreen #Giveaway)

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be bringing you lots of travel posts and I prepare for summer travel to the beaches. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be bringing you lots of travel posts and I prepare for summer travel to the beaches, camping, day trips, and our big road trip to Panama City, Florida. There will be posts about entertainment, organizing, and staying healthy. I will be sharing my favorite products, tips, and more- you might even win something! The next couple of weeks are going to be packed with goodness, so stay tuned. (Subscribe and never miss a post! Just check the sidebar!)

One of the things I stress about the most when we travel is what the kids eat. Not only do I want to make sure that they are eating healthy, I want to keep the arguing about food to a minimum, and make sure their snacks are easy to eat on the go and can stay cold when needed. It used to take me a few trips to the grocery store to get it right, but now I have figured out what works for us and I just make a list. 

Here are a few things that I have found to make snack time easier on the go. While I do make sure to bring along some special treats (usually Hershey's miniatures, gummy snacks, or sugar-free candy), for the most part, the kids have somewhat healthy snacks. 

1. Bananas- The only thing about bananas is that I have to have a knife to cut Kodabug's in half long ways go make sure she doesn't choke. Grapes are great too! However, I cut them in half ahead of time- Kodabug is too young for them whole and in the car, I always worry if one chokes, I won't be able to get to them, so I try to cut down on choking hazards. Halos and Cuties are great too, but I peel them ahead of time and double check for seeds. 

2. Apples- While you can leave them whole, I don't like to because they are harder for the kids to eat. There are a couple of ways to prepare them for travel though- and keep them from turning brown. 

A. Cut with an apple slicer, put back together, then wrap in cling wrap.
B. Cut with apple slicer, soak in gingerale, lime soda, or juice then seal in zip bag.

3. Purchase bags of somewhat healthy "kid snacks" and divide into cups, zip bags, or formula container. I usually get graham crackers, goldfish, animal crackers, cereal, and pretzels. Each kid has a formula container that I put snacks in each compartment- then I pour them into their no-spill snack cup. Same when I put them in a zip bag. I have also been known to get those cheap packs of peanut butter crackers- there are about 8 packs of 4- the kids love them and they are only $1 a box. 

4. Peanut Butter Sandwiches. My kids love peanut butter, so I usually make them a peanut butter sandwich and put in their bento boxes with some fruit and use the other compartment to hold a drink. 

5. WATER. Whenever we are out running errands or traveling, the kids always have their water bottles filled up. When we travel, I use a waterbean, so that I'm sure the water is good to go. They have to drink that water during the day- after they are half done with it, they can have a juice. I am always staying on them to drink water because it is something I struggle with. 

6. Juice Boxes. Do you remember your mom freezing juice boxes for you? I do and my mother-in-law recently reminded me about her doing that for my husband. On our trip to Florida, I will definitely be freezing boxes for the ride and then freezing more for the ride home. 

7. Applesauce, yogurt, pudding: I like to include some of these because the kids love them. Applesauce is healthy, as is yogurt. Pudding is a nice treat. I usually put these in our reusable snack pouches. If I don't think I'll be able to wash them good enough, I'll buy individual size ones and give the kids a straw to poke in the top and they can drink it. (confession: I'll grab extra fast food straws for this because they are bigger. Because Kodabug is young and wild, I actually cut them in half ahead of time and put them in a ziplock bag)

8. When you can, don't buy travel/ snack sized items. It may seem convenient but think of the money you save by packaging it yourself. It could even pay for a lunch or even special ice cream stop. 

9. Cooler: There are going to be things that you need to keep cold. It may be drinks, yogurt packs, cheese sticks, or anything. There are also much easier ways of keeping those items cold besides relying on ice- I cannot stand melting ice everywhere. I have an insulated picnic basket that works perfect or road trips- I can easily fit it up front.

A. Wet sponges inside zip bags then frozen.
B. Cool Blue Packs
C. Ice in zip bags
D. I have a cooler size pad that freezes
E. Cold Pack (they are large)
F. Ice packs for injuries (dual purpose)

10. Crispy Fruit Snacks from Crispy Green are my absolute favorite snack option for anytime, especially travel. They are freeze-dried fruit- and that is it. They look and taste like fruit and the kids love them. No added ingredients, convenient package, and the kids love them- what more can a mom ask for? Find out how I fell in love with them about a year ago here!

Crispy Green Giveaway:

I have mentioned several times how much I absolutely love Crispy Fruit Snacks from Crispy Green. My kids love them too. We love all the varieties except mango (I'm allergic, so I don't let the kids have it)

I always have some on hand for errand days, to throw in the picnic basket, for day trips, travel, and more. They are also great for a quick afternoon snack outside. 

I have huge news! Crispy Green is offering an amazing giveaway to the readers of The Palmetto Queen. You are going to love this. You can win a variety box of Fruit Crisps and a Crispy Green picnic blanket. Even better- there are three to give away! Pretty exciting, huh? If you would like to win this gift set, just comment below for your chance and let me know what your favorite snack for travel is! Three winners will be chosen April 15, 2016. 
Good Luck!


  1. I love this blog and your recommendations of products based on your own personal knowledge of those products. Crispy Green is one of those products you recommend having on hand for kids when you need to grab healthy snacks on the way out the door. Where can I buy these in quantities that include all the fruits of Crispy Green? Even if I don't win the blanket and Crispy Greens being given away I will still want to buy some too!

    1. Hi Mimi, I'm so very glad that you like my blog and recommendations. They are yummy! You can go to this link to find where they are available in stores: it is organized by state. You can also buy online- there is a link on the left side of that page. Good luck!

  2. love to try this now that my lil one eats and we stay on the raod alot healthy raod snacks will be cool

    1. These will be perfect! They are not hard like a lot of dried fruit because the process is different. Good Luck!

  3. And this is why we get along so well, I do all of the above for Boog. Except grapes, I'm the only one that will eat them. I also freeze water bottles to have as cold packs and to have cold water.

    1. Exactly! I still love your tip on how to teach how to use a straw! We do a lot of the same things when we travel! I actually picked up the pencil pouches for their little coloring books and stuff in their backpacks like you do for boog! I'm going to freeze water bottles- love it, we need them anyway!

  4. This will be perfect for our camping trips. We spend most of the summer at the lake and the picnic blanket would be perfect!

    1. They are great for camping! Good idea! Good Luck