5 Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas

When the Mr and I got married, I wanted the send off to be a special part of the reception. I knew that it is illegal to throw out rice because it can harm birds. I had thought about doing bird seed, but that is done a lot and where we got married, we didn't know if it was a good idea, so we put our heads together to come up with different ideas. Here are some that we thought of.

1. Bells- I wear a bell on my necklace every day. It is very special and I have always loved the sound of bells. We actually chose this as our send off. We had little cards with bells attached and it was beautiful. It was nice for our special day to include something so special to me.

(The bell on my neck was on my baby shoes, my dad's baby shoes, and his dad's baby shoes. It was given to me after my grandma passed so that my family would always be with me.)

2. Bubbles- I love the idea of bubbles being blown as the couple leaves. It's just so fun and there is no harm to the environment or animals.

3. Whistles and Other Noisemakers- These can be really fun, but one must consider the location before choosing this one. If you are out in the country away from people, it would be perfect. Please consider any special needs of guests before choosing something loud.

4. Balloons- You can have your guests release balloons in your wedding colors- it kind of works as an announcement to the community that a very special union has been created. You could even have your guests tie cards or well-wishes to the balloons.

5. Sparklers- This is one I wish I had thought of. There are even special heart shaped sparklers that are safe for indoor use. What better way to be sent off into the night than a special fireworks show just for you.

Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Don't forget the wedding speech! Wedding speeches are an integral part of any wedding. Whether you are planning a wedding, are the father of the bride, or are the best man, be sure to make your speech memorable! 

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