10 Tips For A Stress-Free Bedtime Away From Home

Whether you are headed to grandma's house, on vacation, or even to a hospital, bedtime can be stressful away from home. It is for my family anyway. However, I have found some things to make bedtime away from home as stress-free as possible.

1. Try to keep your routine as close as it is at home as possible.

2. Bring along your child's favorite lovey- the one they will not sleep without!

3. Don't forget the bedtime book! If you do a family devotion time, don't forget to do it away from home too!

4. Make bedtime fun away from home. We all climb in the bed together and watch about 30 minutes of TV, then we separate them.

5. Don't forget the nightlight

6. Have a special prize for the first night away- we like to get the kids a new flashlight

7. Bring favorite pillows and blankets from home. The kids have a tote that we put bedtime stuff in: favorite fleece blanket, pillow pet, loveys, security blankets, nightlight, bible, and bedtime book- one bag for each kid.

8. Keep naptimes going, even while away

9. Get the kids to pretend they are away the last night or two you are home- make it like an adventure.

10. Don't stress- they feed off of your stress!

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