Three Signs You Should Think About Replacing Your Water Heater

No water heater lasts forever. In fact, most water heaters will last 10 years, a little longer if you're lucky. Therefore, if your water heater is old enough, this alone may be reason enough to replace it, but if you want to get the most life possible out of the heater, you can wait until it is no longer working properly. The following are three signs that it may be time to replace the water heater.

The color of the hot water has changed

There are several possibilities with this symptom. Sometimes the water may become cloudy in color; this may be your water source, but at other times it may be your water heater. The good news is that you may only need to flush out the water heater instead of replacing it. However, if the water is brown color, this is a more serious issue. Your water heater is oxidizing on the inside walls, and there is no repair that can be done. It is simply time for a new water heater.

The water is not hot

There are possibilities here for repair, but a water heater has only a few things that can be repaired. In most cases, if your water is not getting hot, you will need to get a new water heater. Naturally, you will want to check the pilot light, if you have a gas water heater. It is common for this to extinguish, but unless there is a problem with the gas line, your water heater has seen its last days.

Water leaks and other noticeable problems

Anytime you see a water heater leaking, you need to call a plumber. A single leak can turn into a large water leak, and the hot water can cause physical harm as well as damage to your property. In some cases, depending upon the nature of the leak, the leak can be fixed; however, often a leak means replacing the water heater. Also, listen for abnormal sounds from your water heater. This can mean something or nothing at all, but you should call a plumbing naperville company to check it out right away.

When something happens to your water heater, don't get upset; all of them need to be replaced sooner or later. If you do need to replace your water heater, one good thing to know is that modern water heaters are more energy efficient, so when you buy one of comparable size to your existing water heater, you will likely save money on your utility bills.

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  1. It sure is nice to read such clear instructions given about the replacement of water heaters. I know nobody wants the expense but, in the long run, it's usually better to get a replacement rather than to go down the route of repairs. That can prove costly, too, and you'll probably still end up having to replace the heater before too long.