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Disclaimer: This is part of a content series for Oriental Trading. I did receive products to create projects with. All opinions are my own.

In the past, I've picked up a few activities, a few cheap toys, and a prize toy for each kid when we are going to be on the road. Well, this will be a 10 hour road trip to Panama City, Floriday. This is a different kind of trip, so I will be scheduling the activities and toys to be passed out. The prize toy will be saved for the room (it is usually a flashlight or something they will like to have in the room, while sometimes it is a pool toy). I want to share some tips I have picked up and come up with for scheduling your fun while on the road. 

The first step is deciding how you are going to divide the activities and toys. You can either break it in to time slots and purchase/ gather appropriately. You can also pick up a number of toys and activities and divide the time up according to the number of items you have. 

10 Tips For Scheduling Road Trip Fun:

1. Alternating between activities and toys to keep the action going. 

2. Have some prizes available for extra special behavior/ sharing/ or possibly pop-quiz winners

3. Include snacks in the scheduling- it will make the ride smoother and stretch out the activities.

4. Don't forget to schedule stops for bathroom, eating, and to work off energy. Bring a ball, frisbee, or bubbles along for an impromptu stop at a park. 

5. Alternate activities between challenging and easy. 

6. Get a couple extra activities in case others are a total flop.

7. It is okay to add a movie in to the mix. Be sure to make it a favorite and know your child's limits on staying focused on a movie. 

8. Whether you homeschool or not, consider adding in something that correlates with what the kids are learning or have learned in school.

9. Workbooks make great activities or road trips!

10. Remember the supplies for the activities (dry erase, crayons, all the pieces, etc). You don't want to hand the kids a fun coloring page only to realize that you forgot the crayons. 

Bonus Tip: Make activities for the kids as similar to eachother as possible while sticking to their levels of ability and interest. 

The Beginning Of Our Road Trip Fun Supplies:

  1. Bug Finger Puppets
  2. Alphabet Dry Erase Cards
  3. 10 Commandment Spinners
  4. Magic Scratch off Sheets With Stencils
  5. Puzzle Cubes
  6. Water Games
  7. Warewolf Hair Games (Tbomb thinks they look kind of like Bigfoot ha!)
  8. Workbooks (prong folders with worksheets in sheet protectors)
  9. Dry Erase Crayons
  10. Magnetic Activities
  11. Popsicle Puzzles

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