Entertaining Kids With A Notebook

Disclaimer: This is part of a content series for Oriental Trading. I did receive products to create projects with. All opinions are my own.

One of the simplest ways of keeping kids entertained and occupied that I have found is a notebook. I know that it may seem too simple, but there is some prep involved, but Oriental Trading can definitely help. 

What You Need:

1. Notebook- You can use a brad folder or a binder, just one that you can add pages to. 
2. Sheet Protectors
3. Printables
4. Dry Erase Crayons

It really is simple. Just put the book together and the kids will be entertained for quite a while. 


  • Use a mix of fun pages and educational pages
  • Dry Erase crayons clean off the sheet protectors better, are washable, and make much less of a mess if dropped. 
  • Mix printables with coloring pages and workbook pages
  • Going on a road trip? Use pages for the states or cities you are going to. We are driving to Florida, so I used pages for South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. I also included a United States Map.
  • Include some sheet protectors with blank pages for scribbling use. 
  • Includes lined pages as well for practicing homework. 
  • There are blank printables for just about anything- dots for playing games, graph paper, music paper, etc. Does your child have an interest or hobby and would enjoy one o these? Include them. 
  • I included for Kodabug: the maps, her name, the alphabet, numbers, and shapes- catered to her learning level. 
  • I included the same for Tbomb, but also included math pages, vocabulary words, a 100s chart, and a few other things that are review. 
The best part of this project is that you can design it to fit each child's needs and learning abilities/ level- you can even adjust the pages as needed. You can use it in the car, at games, at a restaurant/ church, and even at home to keep the kids busy while you make phone calls. Easy and multiple purposes! 

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