Book Review: Too Many Carrots

Disclaimer: I received a sample to review. All opinions are my own.
Too Many Carrots

As I have mentioned many many times before, I adore children's books. Even before I had kids, I gravitated to them and they never got old. Of course, I have my classic favorites, but the new ones always draw me in too! I've always liked seeing the lessons portrayed in children's books. The lessons are generally much bigger than the book is!

Too Many Carrots is one of those that teach a big lesson. Rabbit has a problem. Rabbit hoards carrots. He collects them everywhere he goes and just cannot have too many, or can he? Soon Rabbit is crowded out of his own burrow. His friends offer to help, but their homes are especially built for them and do not have the room for Rabbit and his many carrots. Soon, Rabbit learns a valuable lesson about sharing! 

This book is a great addition to Easter and Spring reading, as well as any other time!

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