Book Review: Show Me Space

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own.

Show Me Space: My First Picture EncyclopediaMy 5-year-old Tbomb is absolutely obsessed with space. He loves learning about space. Any time that I see something that is a toy that he would love, an educational item, or a book about space, I jump at it. He even has a light projector that puts the solar system on his ceiling. This book immediately caught my eye and I was beyond excited about the chance to review it. Because he can name all the planets and most of the moons, we will be really diving into space study this next year and I can't wait to take him to the planetarium.

Show Me Space ($7.95), by Steve Kortenkamp, is a book that we will reference quite often in our space study. I absolutely love these My First Picture Encyclopedias. I love having them for the kids, especially when they are something the kids are very interested in, like space and "Safari Animals." They are full of all kinds of facts. The best part about this is that Tbomb is a fact monster, like his mom. He remembers facts and they tend to increase his interest in the particular subject. This one has tons of facts about the solar system and beyond, which will allow him to increase his knowledge exponentially. I love that as we go though our Space study, I will be able to take vocabulary words and concepts from this book to help plan his study. When he can't think of a question for his "Question of the day" part of our homeschool day, I pull out this book and read him a fact- I think sometimes he doesn't have a question, just to read a fact!

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