Book Review: Little One, God Loves You

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own.

In Little One, God Loves You, by Amy Warren Hilliker, toddlers learn about God's Love. The 5 purposes of The Purpose-Driven Life are retold to children in such a beautiful way. The book even includes a letter to parents by Rick Warren. Although it is written for those 4 and under, all ages can appreciate the beauty within. 

It is so hard to teach about God's love to little ones. When they are in a Christian home, they can feel God's love, but putting it into words and expressing exactly what it means to have God's love can be difficult. This book makes that a little simpler. Amy takes Rick Warrens's 5 purposes and tells them to children in a way that is amazing to this mom. Through a beautiful rhyme, the children learn that God loves them just for the purpose of loving them. What a beautiful concept!

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