Book Review: American Indian Cultures #CapstonePub

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own.

American Indian CulturesI have shown how much I love Capstone books. American Indian Cultures ($8.99), by Charlotte Guillain and Ann Weil, is no different. My parents always encouraged us to study Indian cultures because so many of our ancestors were Indian. In fact, my great-grandmother was a cheif's daughter. My kids have cousins that live on a reservation, so my passion for them to learn is even stronger now.

Popular culture tends to make American Indians look to be villains, and tend to downplay "white man's" destruction. In my opinion, this has caused so much of their cultures to be lost and forgotten. This is a tragedy in our great country and I'm trying to change this one homeschool at a time. I am in the middle of planning an American Indian unit study for the kids. I have enlisted some help from family, friends, and books. American Indian Cultures is one of the books that I have added to my arsenal.

American Indian Cultures covers a vast array of subjects on American Indian cultures -- from fine arts to ceremonies, from legends to the culture's global influence.

This book is most suited for grades 4-6, but when used as a read aloud, younger grades can be included. 

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