50 Things To Remember To Pack for Kids and Families #ThePalmettoQueenTravels

One thing that I am super obsessive about when going on vacation, or even away for a weekend, is packing. I make a list and check it multiple times. I even have a list in my planner that are the things I tend to forget, but can make a trip miserable without them. I want to share that list, plus a few extras with you!

Some may seem like a "duh!" moment, but all have been forgotten at some point- it is a good list to have in your planner and refer to (I even refer to it for a day trip!)

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Car Sick Medication
  3. Bandaids/ antibacterial ointment
  4. Hats
  5. Allergy medications
  6. Prescription Medications
  7. Entertainment
  8. Map
  9. Umbrella
  10. List of important phone numbers
  11. Documentation of credit card/ bank information (in case you need to cancel anything)
  12. What your child must have to sleep
  13. Book for yourself
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Water (I always forget water and have to run to a convenience store and pay more)
  16. Diapers (yes, I have forgotten and had to run out and buy some)
  17. Wet wipes
  18. grocery bags
  19. Stroller (yes, I forgot to pack it and had to carry Kodabug all day)
  20. Swimming necessities
  21. Water bottle/ Water Bean (This is an absolute for me to stay on track of water)
  22. Coffee- hotel coffee is weak- we take extra
  23. Planner- never leave home without it, but it is easily forgotten amongst chaos
  24. Notepad- you never know when an idea is going to strike
  25. Quiet time necessities- movie/ tablet/ etc- for when the kids need to wind down
  26. Extra outfit
  27. Jacket and Jeans- you never know when a cold snap is going to hit
  28. Camera
  29. For me- voice recorder (never know when your room might be haunted)
  30. Night Light
  31. Favorite movie for the kids
  32. Something dressy
  33. Extra shoes- my brother lost a shoe in quicksand at some gardens once
  34. Hairbows
  35. Toiletries
  36. Glasses
  37. Birth Control
  38. Feminine Products
  39. First-Aid Kit
  40. Car Emergency gear (tire pump, battery charger, etc)
  41. External battery pack for devices
  42. Picnic Blanket- we use ours all the time, even for the kids to play in a hotel floor
  43. Headphones (for kids and adults)
  44. Special Needs Items (SPD, ADHD, Etc kids need certain extras)
  45. Snacks kept handy
  46. Special Lovey for littles
  47. Each kid their own bag for their toys/ entertainment- make your children responsible for this (with help, even my 2-year-old does this)
  48. Hand Sanitizer
  49. Safety Items (if lost bracelet, child leashes, play pen, etc depending on the vacation)
  50. Mosquito repellant
There are many more things on this list- these are the things that we as moms can easily forget. What items would you add to this list? 

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