Ultimate Mom Bag: #TickalishDiaperBag + Discount

Disclaimer: I received this bag to review. However, all opinions are my own and I truly love it!

This Tickalish Diaper Bag (Read to the end for a huge discount) is seriously the ultimate mom bag. I'm loving it and cannot wait to use it as my purse when we are in Florida in April. I generally carry my purse and each kid has a backpack (change of clothes, necessities, diapers, toys, etc). However on day trips and vacation, I carry a different bag, which I never was happy with, so I can keep up with everything I need without having to worry about getting their bags out of the car. That way, their backpacks do not get lost- because that would be a nightmare. I have searched and searched for the right bag and finally found it. Tickalish- you have done it.

This bag has a ton of awesome features that make it perfect or moms, even if you no longer carry an actual diaper bag. The wipes pocket on the end also fits those mega packs of antibacterial wipes (Wet Naps), that I go nowhere without. The Bottle insulator pouch can also be used for thermoses of soup, bottles of cold water, and even milk. If you are not carrying any of those- use it for toys, snacks, first aid, and any number of other things. The bag is very spacious and can easily accommodate the whole family.

The inside of the bag has a ton of pockets as well. The outside has pockets, an end pocket perfect for mom's extra large thermos of coffee or water bottle, and even a pocket that a standard size folder can fit in (perfect for doctor's office paperwork, tickets, and even our nature books that we carry on vacation and day trips). There are actually 12 pockets total, keeping you beautifully organized. Of course, I'm sure you've read my post on the many uses of changing mats- so you know how I feel about an extra changing mat!

The stripes on the bag are called red, but they look a little more rose to me. However, my MIL said red, so it is probably because I'm more prone to like pink, so that's what I see- whereas, she likes red. The gray straps and cords are a great compliment to the colors. It is easy to clean and very sturdy- it will stand the test of time.

The features of this bag are truly amazing. There are short straps for carrying it in your hand or on your arm, a long strap for shoulder carrying, with a padded addition. Unclasp the long strap and click the short straps become universal stroller hooks. Seriously, Tickalish thought of everything!

If you have kids (or a husband) that you still keep up with things for, this is the bag for you! Even if you don't and you just like a big purse, it makes a beautiful option!

I also have a special surprise for you! With the launch of this bag, there is a special discount. For a limited time, you can get the bag for just $15. How? Just email info@tickalish.com and ask for the discount code! Easy Peasy!

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