How To Always Send Birthday Cards On Time

I don't know about you, but birthdays tend to creep up on me and then I find myself searching for one and delivering it the day of the birthday or adding in a "belated birthday" message and feeling guilty for not remembering a loved one's big day. A few years ago, I found a solution that works perfectly.

This is a fairly simple process that takes a bit of time to get set up, but will save a lot of time throughout the year.

What you need: 

  1. Perpetual Calendar
  2. Boxes of birthday cards (and special ones for special people)
  3. A Calendar with pockets (ours comes from the local power co-op each year)
  4. Sticky Notes
  5. Stamps (although these could be purchased each month)
While this process is simple, the time is what is spent! 

Super Simple Steps:

  • Make sure your perpetual calendar is filled out with birthdays and anniversaries
  • Fill out each birthday card for the entire year (do not seal)
  • If you want to add a gift or money, write it on a sticky note and attach to the front of the card. 
  • Stamp the cards (although this step can be done as you mail it. 
  • Divide the cards by month, but put the first week of the month with the previous month. You will have a month's worth of cards together, but the first birthdays of the month will still be on time. 
  • Stick the cards in the appropriate pocket. 
  • At the beginning of each month, pull the cards, check for stickies, seal and mail. 
  • Be known as the woman who does it all and sends birthday cards on time. 

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