Film While Doing Anything With The #PineapplePack

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

As many of you know, I'm not just a mom, blogger, and business owner. I have quite the unique and adventurous favorite past-times. I love to do bigfoot research and paranormal investigations. As part of this, I also do a youtube channel (Paranormal Sass) where I document my adventures. One problem I have had in the past is getting the right angles with my GoPro, while still being able to have the other gear I need to investigate. Thanks to the PineapplePack ($89.95), I no longer have this problem.

The PineapplePack not only allows you to film yourself during whatever activity you choose, but also has enough room to store all of your gear and the features to keep your back comfortable during your adventure.

With the camera mount (that can be removed, stored, or used as a selfie stick), you can film yourself, your group, behind you, or even above you. I like to use it to see the things that I may miss while on an expedition. It is also sturdy enough that I can attach my IR lights and other night time gear to it.

Some other unique features-

  • The Selfie Stick is made of Aluminum Alloy that can attach a GoPro, Smartphone and any Camera with a tripod mount.
  • The PineapplePack gives you the option to attach any type of gear, such as a sleeping bag, on any side of the backpack (sides, bottom, front, etc.).
  • No more loose straps with our Velcro strap rollers. Adjust as you need and roll them back up for a smooth trip without worrying about straps getting caught on something or even slapping you in the face.
  • The PineapplePack is the perfect backpack to take on your adventures around the world or even for everyday use around town.
  • This backpack isn't made for Watersport, but is water resistant from rain.
  • 5 Pockets, Velcro Strap Rollers/adjustable straps, Aluminum Alloy Selfie Stick that comes with GoPro Mount and Smartphone mount, Waist and Chest Strap, Bottom, Side and Front Straps to Attach any Extra Gear Needed
Besides the ability to film, my favorite features are the pockets. the pocket thathold the housing for the camera mount can also be used to hold tripods, mounts, and other filming gear. The pockets on the sides are perfect for smaller items- I use one for batteries and battery packs and the other for different types of lights. There are two small pockets on the front that are great for tiny items like adapters, personal items, or emergency items. The large pocket has a mesh pocket on the flap and a laptop pocket on the back that is padded. It is large enough for all my gear. In fact, if I limit my investigation/ filming items, I could hike for several days with this pack. It will be perfect when we hike the Appalachian Trail this summer. 

You can see why I love it with these pictures:

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