Book Review: Jesus Helps Me

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own. 

I am always looking for books to help my children understand God, his purpose for us, and his love for us. More than that, I am looking for ways to help my children grow in their love for God. Graham Blanchard has become a go-to resource for my quest and their newest book Jesus Helps Me, has become a staple in our reading time. 

Jesus Helps me ($8.99), by Callie Grant is part of the Knowing My God series. These books, "Learn Books," are a specialized group of books by Graham Blanchard that cover 4 levels of exploration: a bible passage, real-world photographs, supportive captions that relate the scripture to a child's life, and thinking questions to get the conversation going with your child. 

Jesus Helps Me explores the passage John 12: 44-47. It helps children get a deeper knowledge of Jesus' words and his quest to help everyone to believe in him. 

This book has gorgeous photos and I love how the scripture is spaced throughout the book to help children understand the different parts and take it in, instead of trying to understand the passage as a whole. My children and I have enjoyed exploring Jesus' words and having conversations about Jesus. I have been amazed at the conversations that have come up during reading. 

Graham Blanchard

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