A New Year with Kristin Sheffer

As the New Year swiftly approaches, millions of New Year’s Resolutions will be made worldwide. A great starting point for a new attitude, new goals and life changing events. Unfortunately, most goals go untouched once the burst of new motivation fades away. Resulting in the typical “New Year’s Resolution Pattern.”

Life Coach & Entrepreneur Kristin Sheffer finds this a sad reality. “It takes more than willpower to accomplish one's goals. Strategy, accountability, and discipline are the ingredients to long-term success. ” She states.

Equipping and encouraging the everyday woman to find her purpose and walk passionately in it, is the mission of Simply Free, Kristin’s Personal Development business. Through leading clients through her unique process, she teaches them the art of Personal Management (which targets areas such as conquering self-doubt) always resulting in her clients achieving those seemingly unattainable goals.


How to overcome body image issues

Kristin leads you to a place of self-acceptance by teaching you how to “become friends with your body.” This provides a mental break from measuring one's self against what is considered the acceptable form of “beauty”. You quickly realize your body is not the enemy, but your most trusted ally. This positive shift results in a healthier lifestyle, knowing your body is working for you not against you.

Combating Self Doubt

Kristin turns self-doubt into self-fulfillment. Self-doubt is a habitual choice that turns into a cancer preventing a person from experiencing their utmost self. This results in playing it safe and the loss of achieving ones fulfilling purpose. Her unique method erases the base ingredient of “fear” in self-doubt eliminating the cancer that stops a person from being who they were destined to be.

How to combat toxic thought patterns

Kristin brings a new approach to “positive thinking.” Within her coaching sessions, she dissects the root of the subconscious thought pattern and creates a road map that frees the victim from destructive patterns operating in the background of their life.

How to be honest with yourself

Kristin educates on how self-honesty will transform a person’s self-worth by providing the ability to improve areas previously hidden by self-deception. Being honest is the key ingredient to recognizing your weakness’s. By coaching you to re-define “weakness” from a negative to a positive, she helps you turn your flaws into strengths. Resulting in a perfected “YOU.”

About Kristin Sheffer

Kristin offers several different coaching options to meet various individual needs. If clients are unable to commit to in-person coaching, they take advantage of one of her online programs. Her newest program called The Purpose Project is launching in January, arriving just in time for individuals who want to become the best versions of themselves in 2016. In this 21-day program, clients are walked through a process that will identify and eliminate the needless distractions that are preventing that person from finding desired success. Leaving a clear-headed, motivated, inspired mind and armed with an action plan to carry that inspiration out.

Kristin also has a new book called Selfless Development: How to Find Your Purpose. Selfless Development is the roadmap to finding personal freedom. She restores simplicity to life’s more complex concepts gently reminding clients not to be so overwhelmed. The book gives practical action steps to take to jumpstart this journey and begin achieving instant clarity, energy, contentment, and joy. This book, used in conjunction with The Purpose Project maximizes the individual’s transformative experience.

Kristin Sheffer would be a great personality to interview on how to set constructive New Year’s resolutions.

For more information please visit http://simplysheffer.com/

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