10 Toys That Stimulate The Imagination

I love watching my kids play with the classic toys, like blocks, balls, cars, and dolls. Knowing that they do more than just entertain, that they help with the development process is always a plus. The "new-fangled" toys with bells and whistles seem to take over my home, but I try to work in time every day with the classics, which really isn't that hard with my two. I love seeing their sense of adventure and imaginations grow day-by-day. Today, I want to share 10 toys that can help stimulate your little's imagination.

While some of this list are toys that I learned about and studied while pursuing a degree in elementary education, others are ones that I have learned more about since becoming a mom.

1. Dress up clothes. I know it is obvious but true.

2. Blocks (of any kind)- Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright grew up playing with blocks?

3. Puzzles

4. Dinosaur/ Animal Play Sets

5. Cars

6. Dolls

7. Musical Instruments

8. Play Dough

9. Occupational play sets (building, cooking, mail, etc)

10. Found Items. I actually love watching my kids play with cardboard boxes, empty spice containers, paper tubes, and more. It amazes me seeing what they come up with.

This may seem an obvious list, but I am continuously amazed by the parents that forget about these toys and rely solely on toys with bells and whistles. Just think, you don't even have to buy anything- just give them a box and let their imaginations run wile.

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