Tips For Organizing Toys In A Small Space #GetOrganized

With all the Christmas festivities over and life (somewhat) back to normal, I have been elbow deep in a project I have been wanting to do for quite a while now. Finally getting the bazillion toys my children own tamed. It has taken some time, patience, and ingenuity to get it all done, but finally, it is.

After this struggle, I wanted to share 2 big tips for dealing with mounds of toys in a small space. These two tips saved my sanity, and continue to do so.

1. Sort

Luckily, every year before their birthdays and Christmas, I purge Tbomb and Kodabug's toys. I throw out everything broken and set what they no longer play with to the side to donate. The donate pile either goes to people we know, thrift shops, or organizations that help kids (it all depends on what it is).  On Christmas Eve, the kids each have a gift bag to put toys the no longer play with in and leave it for Santa. Santa then gives those toys to kids that have none. They get excited to help and know they are getting new things.

This go round, I did a super purge though. After the purge, I separated all the toys into types. Each type of toy (animals, kitchen, dolls, cars, outside, play sets, etc) get their own container. The toys that do not fit into those go into a hamper in the family room. They can pretty much play with these when they want, but have to be put away before they get a container with the "sets" in it. They have to ask me for these, so I can make sure everything else is cleaned up. So far, it really is working.

If you are wondering about containers to use, Wayfair has some great storage boxes and bins that are perfect!

Canton Stacking Drawer (Set of 4)
These would be great, just pull out the drawer
Fabric Bin with Window
If you have a shelf to use, these would be great
Roughneck Wheeled Storage Box Dark Indigo Metallic
This would be the perfect solution foroutside toys... wheel it where you want.

2. Use Wall Space

I have figured out that I can control the clutter a lot more if I put storage solutions on the wall. I have hung crates for books, a cute shower shelf for dolls (that take over very quickly), created hammocks and chain hangers for stuffed animals, and hung shelves for items they need supervision to play with. Decor and storage in one for the win!

I also hung hooks for some old backpacks I use for storage. Kodabug's first toddler pack holds doll items and another holds outside toys that do not stay outside and her little purse and other items. Trevor's hooks have his camo backpack with bigfoot finding gear, another for outside toys that do not stay outside (ball, glove, etc), his bow and quiver, and his extra ball cap. 

Doing this has kept our floors clutter free and kept us much more organized. They know where their stuff is and can see it, but need mom's help to get it down. That is key with a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. Here are some ideas to help you use wall space. 

Small Storage Crate (Set of 12)
Hang these on the wall for books and use the top as a shelf.
Kids' Toy Net
I made ours, but this is much simpler!
4-Hook Wall Rack
This is the perfect wall hangerfor a kids room. Hang backpacks, outside items, coats and more. Then put animals, hats, ball gloves, andmore in the basket. (I wish this was the one I came across!)

If you are anything like me, you have been putting this project off too long. Put it off no longer and use these tips. I would love your tips on organizing kid stuff!

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