The Best Olive Oil Dispenser


I’m Colette from We write a ton of insightful content on olive oil, especially information on olive oil cruet and dispensers. I’m an avid cook who uses olive oil in just about every recipe and tops most meals with a drizzle of olive oil.

Not everyone has a kitchen that’s as beautiful as some of the kitchens you’d find on Food Network, but thankfully, there are a handful of things you can do to spruce up the style of your kitchen. The first and probably least expensive thing you could do would be storing your olive oil in a beautiful cruet or dispenser.

Many people seem to store their olive oil in the original bottle in a cabinet near the sink or behind their stove burner. Think about how much better it would look if you transferred your olive oil into a fancy olive oil dispenser. For just $10, you’re on your way to having a Food Network-styled kitchen of your own.

Not only are olive oil dispensers good from a decorative standpoint, but they are very functional. A good olive oil dispenser will allow you to pour your olive oil evenly across whatever you are pouring it on.


These dispensers would be perfect for balsamic vinegar as well- what better to make a splash on your next dinner party? 

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