Mom's Ultimate Workspace

I have a confession. This is a horrible one that I preach against to many people, but it is something I must do. I work from the kitchen table. Although I preach against it to most, it is what works at the moment for me. We have a very small space and when I work at the table, I can watch the kids, I'm here if they need help and I can watch their every move. Also, I am close while making dinner and in the same room when my husband comes in from work. It works, but it is not perfect and it is not ideal.

What would my ultimate workspace look like? I found it on Pinterest!

First of all, I find that color blue very inspiring. However, that is not what makes this space so perfect for me- we can always change the color (I would add in some gold)!

This would be ideal for me because I can close the doors and hide it from the world. When I stop working, it would be hidden and I would not be tempted to work more. During the day, when I am working, It would allow me to keep things close by, not have to pack them up for dinner, and give me plenty of space to spread out for projects and with my planner (HUGE plus!). I would even be able to keep my planner supplies neat and close all the time, as well as my printer- which is now in my bedroom connected to wifi.

I love that it has bulletin boards and file pockets to keep things seen, but out of the way. It also has storage space and room for pretty things that are inspiring. My "Never quit your daydreams" and "This empire isn't going to build itself" prints would be gorgeous on one door.

However, none of those are my favorite. I love the fold out desk. I can work on things while still watching the kids. If I need to, I could even move my laptop to that part during the day. Still, at the end of the day or when I have company, I can close the doors and no one will see my messy projects in progress and I will officially leave the office.

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