Free Printable: Blank Weekly Planner

This week I have something exciting for you! I will have a new free printable for you each day! These are specially designed for half size planners and I hope they add to the functionality, beauty, and organization of your planner.

When it comes to getting organized for the new year, my biggest advice is to make it yours. That is why each printable is separate. I've tried to make the design beautiful and the functionality wider, so that each of you can make it your own.

If you download, I would love to know what you think. Here is the weekly in my own planner:

Each file is a .pdf and I have one that is single sided and one that is double sided (perfect if you send items like this off to be printed- I send planner printables to UPS because there are more, which makes it more cost effective and the paper is thicker).


Other This Week

Perpetual Calendar
Monthly Calendar
Weekly Tasks
Pretty Cover Pages

Along with tips for using each. 

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