Classic Games Re-imagined: Iversoft Solutions

Disclaimer: I was asked to download a game and give my opinion. All opinions are my own.

We tend to get more and more technologically advanced in every aspect of our lives. Let me ask you a few of questions. Do you have a deck of cards in your house? How often do you get them out? When you were growing up, how often did you play cards? See what I mean?

I would guess that your children do not know how to play the classic card or computer games. Why am I guessing this? Because mine do not and I actually haven't thought about teaching them, until now.

I had this obsession with Spider Solitaire (until I started working from home). It would draw me in and I would play for hours. I never thought about putting it on my tablet or phone until I came across Iversoft. Well, now I have it and I am once again hooked.

I downloaded Spider Solitaire from Iversoft for my Android Tablet and I love it!

With Iversoft's games there are no gimmicks, levels, or other roadblocks to get you irritated at Spider Solitaire. It is nice and relaxing, with a bit of challenge as well, just what one needs at the end of a long day.

At times when I find myself staring at my computer screen, not feeling like doing anything, I'll turn on my tablet and play a few rounds of Spider Solitaire and I get my groove back after taking that break.

Iversoft has several games including Bear Blitz, Spider Solitaire, Tri Peaks, War, Free Cell, Solitaire, Pocket Soduko, Tanks of Fury, and Sweep Mines. Learn more about them on their site.

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