Books For An Animal Lover (Especially Giraffes) #CapstonePub

Disclaimer: I was sent some books to review. All opinions are my own.

My 2-year-old, Kodabug, loves giraffes. I mean obsessed. She sees them and goes crazy. She has a ton of stuffed ones, statues, and all. Well, I was excited that she was going to get some books to go with her collection. She loves animals in general, but especially giraffes.

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Big Bed for Giraffe by Michael Dahl Illustrated by Oriol Vidal

Big Bed for GiraffeBig Bed for Giraffe explores getting bigger and outgrowing baby things. Giraffe has outgrown his crib, so it is time to find a big bed for him. This book takes you through his journey to find the perfect one for him. It takes time, but eventually he finds the perfect bed. 

Kodabug had a fit when she first saw this book and on every page, she has to point to the giraffe and kiss him. It is actually perfect timing because she is two now. She has struggled with giving up some baby things, but she is getting through it, just like giraffe. 

African Animals by Martha E. H. Rustad

African AnimalsAfrican Animals is a Smithsonian Little Explorers book. It explores the different animals that live in Africa, their habitats, what they eat, and even classifies them into different groups. This is a great companion book for science in school as well as great entertainment for animal lovers. 

Both of the kids love animals. Kodabug loves looking at them (yes, there are pictures of giraffes) and Tbomb loves learning about them, where they live, and what they do. This has been the perfect book because they can both enjoy it. I know Kodabug will grow with it and I have found myself referencing this book during school with Tbomb when we learn about continents and habitats. 

Drawing Pets: A Step-by-Step Sketchpad by Mari Bolte Illustrated by Dynamo Limited

Drawing Pets: A Step-by-Step SketchpadDrawing Pets: A Step-by-Step Sketchpad has everything you need (except the pencil) to learn to draw your favorite household animals. The easy steps and simple shapes draw kids in and teach them that they too can be a little artist. In no time your littles will be drawing magnificent portraits of their favorite animals. 

Kodabug is absolutely content with a piece of paper and pencil or crayon. She loves to sit by me while I work and "make lists." This has been an awesome book for her because she is starting to learn that lines can make things. She loves animals, especially giraffes and horses, so this book has really captured her attention. We have dogs, so she will point to the picture of the dog and then to our dog. It is entirely too cute. While she is only two, I have seen her looking back and forth between the picture and the space she is drawing in. I'm sure in no time she will be an adorable little artist. 

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