Book Review: The Stick Book

Disclaimer: I received a book to review. All opinions are my own.

The Stick BookTbomb loves to be outside. It doesn't matter if we are doing school, if he's running, bigfoot finding, riding his bike, or finding sticks to play with. When I came across this book from Quarto Knows, I knew he had to have it.

The Stick Book ($11.96), by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield is an amazing book for kids of all ages. Whether they love being outside or you want to get them outside, this book is the one to do it. It contains projects for kids with all interests.
‘A beautiful and inspiring book, bursting with practical suggestions which will appeal to every child’s imagination. Reading it, I wanted to rush out to my nearest wood immediately!’ Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo 
This book gives directions for building a den, making bows and arrows, making a sun clock, playing capture the flag, and many other projects. I think we are going to build a fairy forest from some of the ideas.

Tbomb was given a couple of bows last summer- one for practice and play, the other for actual practice. He's getting pretty good at it, so he was super excited for the bow and arrow section, as well as the slingshot since his dad is really good with one (although it worries me for his sister - ha!). He also got a teepee for his birthday (see, really an outdoors boy), so now he is on to making a teepee and bow for his sister out of sticks.

This book will be amazing entertainment and education for both kids for many years to come.

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