Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Him

Stocking stuffers for kids are easy- toys, candy, fruit, and more are every where. For women, you can get jewelry, trinkets, makeup, nail polish, office supplies, and so much more. Shopping for a man's stocking gets a little more difficult. Sure, you could put screw drivers in there, but who wants just screw drivers. Here are a few ideas for the man in your life.

1. Tommy John Underwear

It's an unfortunate fact that men will wear the same underwear for 5 years...or until they fall apart.

Guys call our underwear "life changing" for it's comfort and support. Our Air underwear is also antimicrobial and anti-odor. And, as with all Tommy John underwear, it comes with a "No Wedgie" guarantee, so the only thing he'll need to pull it out his stocking.

2. Survival Grenade

Is the man in your life outdoorsy like mine? This Survival Grenade is the perfect companion then. It has a clip for easy carry and a compass that is view-able without taking it apart. Inside, you will find items like fishing hooks, safety pins, band aids, bait, twine, and a razor blade. You can even add more items to it. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

3. Mobile Gaming System

Is the man in your life a gamer? What better accessory is there than a controller for their phone. let them game like always, even on the go with the MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android, it even comes with free downloads. 

MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3+

4. Mini Quadcopter

Is the Mr playful like mine? Why not get him a grown up toy? My husband loves this Cheerson Quadcopter and it would be perfect as a stocking stuffer. It is fun and something he can do with the kids. Win-win! See my review to learn more. 

5. Practical Items

I love using the stocking to give more practical items. My kids usually get a new toothbrush, so why not to the same for him. Include items like a toothbrush, favorite soap, hunter's vest, and other items that he will find useful in every day life. Make it something useful and funny, like these bacon flavored toothpicks

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