Holiday Gift Guide For Busy Families: Travel

Disclaimer: While I have received some items to review, these are items I truly believe will make great gifts.

My favorite thing to give members of busy families (and my own kids) are travel items. Most of these items can be used anywhere, but make travel more enjoyable, easier, or more organized.

1. August EP715: These noise cancelling earbuds are sure to give you peace and quiet on a plane ride, train ride, or among noisy kids. As to be expected from August International, they are of amazing quality and the sound is amazing. Use the usb port or AAA battery for power on the go. These are a winner for the traveler on your list. See on Amazon.

2. Thirty-One Large utility Tote: This is one of the most useful bags ever. You can seriously use it for almost anything and storage. It is durable and pretty- just like you would expect from Thirty-One Gifts. Learn more and see 31 Uses for the Large Utility Tote on my full review.

3. Tigernu Polyester DSLR Camera Backpack: This camera backpack from BangGood is perfect for cameras and other equipment that needs protection. The padding in this bag is superb, there are side pockets for tripods and monopods, and the flap even has mesh pockets for cords and such. It also comes with a combination lock. You can read more about it in my full review.

4. CarSeat Cinema: This is by far one of the coolest tech/ travel accessories I have ever come across. It is definitely a must-have for families on the go. Use it to keep devices away from little hands, but where they can see it, attach it to things so that the phone/ tablet cannot be dropped, and even protect the device from sticky hands. You can learn more from my full review and find 10 places you can use the CarSeat Cinema.

5. Ohuna Waterproof Monocular Telescope: This is the perfect gift for adventure travelers. It is waterproof and very durable with a rubber coating. It comes with a lanyard, carrying case, and tripod. At $19.99, it is a perfect gift. You can learn more by reading my full review.

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