Holiday Gift Guide For Busy Families: Tech

Disclaimer: While I have received some items to review, these are items I truly believe will make great gifts. 

Everyone has that techie on their list that is picky and hard to shop for (I'm probably that person on many lists) so hopefully this compilation will help find the perfect gift for them.

1. August MS515- These Dual portable Bluetooth speakers are essential for techies everywhere. They boast excellent sound quality, 15 hour battery life, audio cable, and more features. August is always a quality you can trust and the techie on your list will appreciate these speakers. See on Amazon.

2. PhotoFast Hello Kitty Max: Easily back up photos and more from your iPhone with this adorable device. Available up to 128gb, you can find the size you need. Learn more on the PhotoFast website.

3. Worry Free Goodie Selfie Stick: With this selfie stick, you do not have to worry about charging it before you need it, syncing it with your device, or other taks that are involved when you use a Bluetooth selfie stick. Just plug it in to your headphone jack and you are good to go. you can also use it with cameras, lights, and other items you may need to hold at a distance. See on Amazon.

4. Life+Phorm: It may look like a creature from Alien, but it is actually a really handy accessory to have on hand. The uses are exponential. I have used mine to hold up my phone and tablet. I have also used it to mount items to a tripod and in a pinch to mount many other gadgets. You can learn more about this amazing device on the B&H Photo website.

5. Buckshot Pro: This amazing device from Outdoor Tech is a rechargeable light, speaker, and battery pack all in one. It even comes with a mount to let you attach it to almost anything. it is water proof and shock proof. You can see my full review here.

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