Boomerang Unveils First Phone Case with Built­in  Retractable USB Charging Cable 

Boomerang’s retractable USB cable allows for on­the­go charging, as well
as easy syncing and transferring of data, music, files and more.

Columbia, MD – The design team behind the Boomerang case launched their Indiegogo campaign yesterday and is looking to raise a total of $50K to help bring this elegant and convenient phone case to life. Boomerang is the first and only phone case to have a built­in, retractable USB charging cable that stretches up to two feet in length with the simple push of a button.

Boomerang seeks to solve the everyday problems that arise when it comes to charging and syncing smartphones. This phone case makes it impossible to forget a charger, or lose one entirely, by keeping a USB charging cable close, allowing users to recharge or connect anywhere. Users can even switch case tops, one of which will boost smartphones with about 40 percent extra battery life. This one­of­a­kind case is available for the iPhone 6/6s as of right now, but the design team has plans to develop a case that’s compatible with Samsung smartphones in the near future.

“When I started designing the aesthetics of the Boomerang case, I wanted to create something that was unique, yet practical enough for everyday use,” said Boomerang creative director Martin Ramirez. “I looked at things like luxury super cars and premium sneakers; things that have a presence and attitude about them. This is the same presence that makes itself known as soon as you pick up a Boomerang case for the first time.”

With an intricately designed, minimalist exterior, the Boomerang case is seemingly simple to use. Users simply open the small door on the back of the case and pull out the retractable USB charging cable, which is designed to stop at different lengths, or “clicks.” This feature gives users access to the cord at different lengths without being bothered by tangles or the annoyance of unnecessary slack.

Each Boomerang case will come with a headphone jack to suit all types of headphones, a six­foot micro USB cable for comfortable at­home charging and a car USB port adapter to charge on the go. Boomerang is designed with a contemporary curvature, two­toned finish, stylistic side grips, brushed aluminum plates and mirror-finished metallic logos. Each case adheres to Apple requirements and has a raised lip to help prevent screen cracks. 

Early backers can purchase a Boomerang case on Indiegogo for $50, which is $30 less than the future retail price. To become an early adopter of Boomerang or to find out more information, visit or email


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