Book Review: NKJV Study Bible for Kids

Disclaimer: I received a Bible to review. All opinions are my own. 

My kids have several Bible storybooks on the bookshelf. These range from baby bibles to bible storybooks for kids. We even have several classic illustrated bibles and devotional books for kids, but I wanted more for them. I wanted bibles for them to be able to reference as they grow in their study of the scripture. Sometimes when we read our devotions, I want them to know more of the scripture than what is given in the devotional book. I would always go grab my bible and read to them, but they usually don't quite get it. I had been searching for bibles that could grow with them, that contain actual scripture, and that had some devotions and side stories, similar to the one I had as a kid and teenager.

The NKJV Study Bible For Kids is perfect for Tbomb. He is such a curious kid, has so much faith, and wants to learn more about God. He never seems to get enough, but I love that. Every night when we read our bible stories, he wants to know more about the story. This bible has proven to be a great companion for teaching him about God. I know that when he reads on his own better, he will dive into it on his own. The NKJV Study Bible for Kids is the premier study Bible for children 8 to 12 in the trusted New King James Version, and in full-color! Not only is this a Bible for study of biblical facts and themes, it also includes articles that are topical, and truly applicable to a child's daily life!

This is a study Bible you can trust. It is NKJV and published by Thomas Nelson, a very trustworthy Christian publisher. This Bible is chock full of study notes that helps kids understand and engage with scripture. With the features included in this Bible, kids are able to learn even more about god's Word and apply it to their everyday life. This Bible will help them establish a firm foundation to stand on in their faith.

This Bible features a full-color interior. It also includes behind the scenes introductions for each book. Spotlight: Gods story from Genesis to Revelation. Epic Ides are must-know topics that relate to a kid's world. The Action! section is helpful, interesting, and day-to-day life topics. Starring Roles are personality profiles of leading Bible characters. In Focus are highlighted words with easy to understand definitions. It even features maps and charts with On Location! It also includes a Topical Index and Dictionary/ Concordance.

This is the perfect Bible for any child, but especially a child that is curious and full of questions. I like to read the scripture to him that relates our nightly Bible story and any notes that go along, as well as show him the map. He will ask questions, but usually going back over what we read will answer them. Although he is only 5, when I read this to him, he seems to really understand it more. I know this Bible will grow with him for many hears and help his faith and knowledge grow.

Available on Amazon ($18.62) and booksellers everywhere.

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