Book Review: Faithgirlz Bible, NKJV

Disclaimer: I received a Bible to review. However, all opinions are my own.

My kids have several Bible storybooks on the bookshelf. These range from baby Bibles to Bible storybooks for kids. We even have several classic illustrated Bibles and devotional books for kids, but I wanted more for them. I wanted Bibles for them to be able to reference as they grow in their study of the scripture. Sometimes when we read our devotions, I want them to know more of the scripture than what is given in the devotional book. I would always go grab my Bible and read to them, but they usually don't quite get it. I had been searching for Bibles that could grow with them, that contain actual scripture, and that had some devotions and side stories, similar to the one I had as a kid and teenager.

With the Faithgirlz Bible, NKJV, I found exactly what I wanted for Kodabug. Every girl wants to know she’s totally unique and special. This Bible says that with Faithgirlz sparkle. Through the many in-text features found only in the Faithgirlz Bible, girls will grow closer to God as they discover the journey of a lifetime. 

This Bible is full of features that girls will enjoy and will grow with her. These include book introductions that describe the who, when, where, and what of each book. The Dream Girl feature encourages girls to use their imaginations to put themselves into the story. Bring It On! is quizzes encouraging girls to get to know themselves better. "Is There a Little (Eve, Ruth, Isaiah, etc) In You?" helps girls to find what they have in common with the people of the Bible. It also includes Words to Live By, which are Bible verses that are great to memorize. What Happens Next? has them create a list of events to tell a Bible story in their own words. Oh, I get It! helps girls find answers to the Bible questions they have wondered about.

This Bible encourages young girls to dive into the scripture, really study it, and get to know the people of the Bible better. At the same time, it is strengthening the things like reading comprehension that they learn in school. It is a win-win, I wish I had this Bible as a kid. This is a Bible that will stick by their sides for many years.

Translation features written by bestselling author Nancy Rue. Published by Zonderkids. Available on Amazon ($18.10) and at booksellers everywhere.

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