Awesome Pirate Responsibility Chart from #KidRockett

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

Awesome Pirate Reward & Responsibility Chore Chart • Empower Your Children

I work at home, so I take care o the household things, but I also homeschool my children and do not have babysitters to turn to. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming, so my husband and I have decided that our 5-year-old should start taking on some of his own responsibilities. However, getting it to be fun and not a chore for me to get him to do it has become a hassle. When I received this reward chart to review, I knew it would be the solution. 

The Awesome Pirate Reward & Responsibility Chore Chart from Kid Rockett is a great way to empower your kids and teach them to be responsible without constant coaching. They want rewards and they also like moving the magnets around and getting stars, which is a reward in itself. Tbomb now wants to know what he can do to get another star, so when I tell him, he runs and gets it done. He also likes counting them and seeing how close he is to his reward (which is usually a Sunday afternoon movie with me and his sister). 

The chart is peel and stick vinyl, but we just used magnets to put it on the freezer. You can just peel off the backing and stick it on any magnetic surface to get full functionality. There are magnets for chores, rewards, goals, and star magnets for completing items. It is a really great set up and very durable. I know that it will last a while for Tbomb and Kodabug is going to have to have one as well. 

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