5 Must Haves To Stay Organized This December

Disclaimer: While some of the products in this post have been previously reviewed, I have not been commpensated for writing this post. 

Make a committment right now that you are going to be more organized this December. I make this commitment every year a week before Thanksgiving because it goes like a whirlwind from there. I should have written this post sooner, but honestly did not think about it before now. Here are 5 things that will help you keep that committment and have a little less stress this winter. Most of these items you probably have on hand. If not, they are easily and quickly obtained.

1. A Funtional and Pretty Purse You Love

The purse itself does not matter. What matters is that you have one that works well for you and has some style, bling, or whatever you like. A pretty purse can instantly brighten a day. The functionality you work best with will keep you from struggling at the checkout or at appointments when looking for what you need. One with a little more room than usual may be a good idea as well- you never know when you might need to throw something in it or hide a gift there. (Tip: keep the kids' stuff out of your purse- more on that later)

2. An up to date planner or calendar that works for you

It doesn't matter what type it is- whatever works for you. I personally have a half-size planner I have customized to my needs with a monthly calendar I can take out and carry if I do not ned the whole thing. The main thing is that you keep it updated and you keep it with you for adding and checking dates, parties, appointments, etc. 

3. A super large tote!

You will be so glad that you invested in this one. Every yeear since I was in college I have made sure to have a ridiculously large tote on hand for transporting things. In college, it made life easier coming home for an extended stay. Since then, I have used it for shopping, transporting food, transporting gifts, stays at family's homes, and much more. My mom uses a very large gift bag, but I have found that having a tote extends its functionality. This year, I have upgraded to a Thirty-One LUT and couldn't be happier. 

4. Kid Backpacks

Trust me on this one. Get your kids backpacks, or use old school ones. Keep a change of clothes, essentials like diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, etc, in it. Include several forms of entertainment- books, coloring books, toys, electronic games, and one outside toy (my kids have the balls you blow the balloons up inside of). Make sure it has all of their essentials, including a lovey and medicines. Get in the habit of making sure that backpack goes with the child everywhere. No matter where the child is, they have what they need- o matter which parent they are with, grandparent, or other family. This also comes in handy at family get togethers where there may not be other kids to play with. This is one of the best habits my family has gotten into. 

5. Family Time

During this time of year, life gets pretty hectic. We are in such a rush, sometimes we forget about spending time with our families. The tragedy of this is that is who we should be focusing on. Make it a point to schedule family time. A little of time each day and then a movie night once a week is perfect. Why not watch some of the Christmas classics with your kids and forget about the world around you. During commercials, do your advent, bible study, and talk about your day. It is also a great time to get the family caught up on what is going on the next few days. The most important thing is spending time with your family!

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