31 Uses For A LUT (Large Utility Tote) + #Giveaway #ThirtyOne

Disclaimer: I received a product to review. All opinions are my own.

I have been honored to be able to work with the marketing department of Thirty-One so closely this holiday season. They are such an amazing company with an inspiring foundation. Proverbs 31 is such an amazing passage to remind mothers and wives to live with our heads held high and being strong for our families. It is telling us to remember God in everything we do and teach our families to do the same thing. This is a very important scripture to me. I keep it on a post-it on my computer's desktop, and in my planner every week, I write "Keep Calm and Be A Proverbs 31 Woman."

Every time I pull out one of my Thirty-One totes or products, I am reminded of this scripture and it fills my heart with joy. This is especially true with the LUT, or Large Utility Tote. Something about this season's prints make my heart fill with joy as well. I use the LUT for so many family things that it easily reminds me of Proverbs 31. I have it in the prettiest Christmas print (Whimsical Winter) with a gold G embroidered on it. It makes my heart happy.

Currently, I keep my LUT collapsed (One of its amazing features) and pull it out when needed, but I can think of so many reasons to have more to dedicate for other uses. I'm going to share 31 of those with you today. Like these ideas? At the end, you'll have a chance to win one or yourself!

These totes are super durable, easy to carry, and very versatile. I love the available prints (these trees remind me of being in the woods squatchin'). They collapse for easy storage but also are sturdy enough for storage. The metal frame keeps its shape while in use.

31 Uses For The Large Utility Tote (LUT)

1. Toy bin/ storage
2. Picnic basket
3. Store seasonal clothing (there is a lid available)
4. Gathering items for running errands (I can put everything in it and make one trip to the car)
5. Organizing your trunk
6. Shopping bag (Trip to Aldi, anyone?)
7. Beach Bag
8. Camping equipment
9. Extras when traveling (you know all those things you need that don't go in the suitcase)
10. Storing outside toys (Just grab the bag and go outside)
11. Transporting gifts to gatherings
12. Transporting food to gatherings
13. Game day must haves (they have school spirit icons and colors!)
14. Storing food when traveling (Instead of having grocery bags, organize it all in a LUT)
15. Dance/ Karate/ othe rafter school activity items- keep it all in one place and ready
16. Team mom? Keep everything in a LUT
17. Keep must-have items handy and contained in a LUT
18. Store hobby items in a LUT and spread out when inspiration strikes
19. Sewing, Crocheting, Knitting, Quilting bin
20. Scrap fabric bin
21. Laundry basket
22. Great for college students to lug items back and forth (moving day miracle)
23. Cut down on back and forth trups (grocery store, moving, shopping, etc) by putting small bags and loose items together and carrying it in at once
24. Event Toolkit
25. Easy access filing box
26. House Guest neccessities (fill it with good towels, washcloths, sheets, toiletries, and other items and have it on hand to get the guest room ready in a jiffy)
27. Keep outside dinnerware, napkins, tablecloths, candles, flashlights, and other items for an impromptu dinner outside and star gazing
28. Babysitter/ Trip to Grandma's bag
29. Keep the LUT full of children's books in the family room. Who knows how often your child might grab a book and ask you to read it. Isn't that what memories are made of? 
30. I like to grab mine for an expedition or Investigation and put all the things I need in it, then I can carry it instead of several backpacks and camera cases. It also allows me to keep my paperwork handy without losing it. 
31. Keep it stashed but handy for when it is needed, like I do

Win Your Won Large Utility Tote

Want to win one of your very own? Comment below and let me know what you would use it for. While you are at it, Visit the website and tell me which print you like best. Don't forget to include your email. A winner will be chosen December 9. 


  1. I would choose the red swirl dot LUT to transport gifts to parties, take towels on the boat, to use as a bed for my dog when we travel, to keep my current sewing projects in, to use as an overnight bag for a quick trip, to use many different ways when squatching!!! With
    "It's all about me!" Embroidered on it. lavernezimmerman@embarqmail.com

  2. I love the plum dancing dot! This would be an awesome gift for my sons teacher! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Mylittlespace4everything @ yahoo .com