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By now, I'm sure that you have all figured out that I am pretty much in love with Thirty-One Gifts. I love the products, the versatility, the durability, the fabrics, and especially the embroidery. I mean- seriously, what is more southern than monogramming. (Of course, except sitting under a magnolia tree with a glass of sweet tea. However, it is December in the mountains of South Carolina, so that is just not going to happen).

My monogrammed items from Thirty-One can be used anytime, but they have me itching to pack up the kids for summer adventures. I just realized though that my Large Utility Tote will be perfect for picking up packages while I run some errands and it will definitely be admired, especially that gold "G" on it. That got me thinking- I need to share some monogramming tips and ideas with y'all! So, here goes!

1. Remember that classic is timeless. When having something monogrammed, especially for a gift, think of the classic styles that will remain in style for years to come.

2. Make sure to get the initials right. I have made the mistake before of monogramming a gift with a lady's maiden name (first initial, maiden initial, last initial) only to find out that she dropped her maiden name and uses her middle birth name. Some people who go by their middle name even drop their first name. Even if you have to ask a family member, be sure to get this right before monogramming. If in doubt- monogram only one initial (first or last).

3. Is there a specific use or the item being monogrammed/ embroidered? Consider putting that on it. or instance: Presents!, Stuff, Laundry, Sports, or having a team name/ mascot embroidered.

4. Although almost anything can be monogrammed, it is important to think about its intended purpose and visibility. You are going to want to choose an item the receiver will want to show off, as well as one that will last for years to come.

5. With a Traditional Monogram, the middle letter (the last name of the person) is LARGER and in the center.  It is flanked by two smaller letters representing the first name on the left and either the middle or maiden name on the right.  Traditional Monograms are usually used for women or couples.

6. With a Block Monogram, all the letters are the SAME size.  Block Monograms are usually used for men.  However, you can most definitely use block monograms for women.

7. Couple’s Monogram: Traditionally when the bride takes the groom’s last name, the monogram is Bride’s First Name, Common Last Name, Groom’s First Name. If you are undecided, just monogram the last initial- for a simple and sophisticated gift.

8. When monogramming a single initial, men would generally receive their last name. However, if the woman is single, use her first initial. If she is married, use either. If it is for a couple, be sure to use the last initial.

9. For a newly engaged couple, Mr. & Mrs. is always an excellent choice.

10. Last names also make great monogramming picks, especially for household items- for a couple. It is generally not a good idea to monogram a last name for a single lady.

11. Sometimes a couple will want to merge their last names when they get married. For example, if Chris Smith and Jennifer Brown are to be married and they want their last name to be Smith-Brown, their initials could be monogrammed as JSBC.

12. Does the person you are giving the gift to belong to a special team or organization close to their heart? Have the name of the organization/ team embroidered on it. For instance, I have a gorgeous LUT with Carolina Cryptid Crew embroidered on it.

13. Are you embroidering for a child? For safety purposes, stick with either the first initial for items being worn in public. For items that will be used in a room, you can use the whole first name. I have seen many people have their kids first names embroidered on a backpack, and this is not good- it puts them at risk.

14. For a baby- think first name or first initial (except for those items seen in public) Adding in the birthdate is a good idea as well- adds a little touch of memorabilia.

15. Do you have an aunt, grandma, or friend that does embroidery by hand? For a graduation or wedding gift, hand embroidered items make exceptional gifts- especially for napkins, wedding handkerchiefs, and doilies.

16. Have a look at all of the monogramming styles available to get one that really speaks to the receiver's personality.

17. When you do choose a style, look at the letters you will be using close in that style to make sure they look good together, especially when using J and I together.

18. When in doubt, ask! You don't have to give the gift idea away, but if you aren't sure how someone would like their monogram, don't hesitate to ask them!

19. Looking for a gift for a college student? Think about buying a school sweatshirt and having their monogram put on the breast area or on the sleeve.

20. Monogramming a gift for a couple? Consider a layered look like this one found on pinterest.


21. Consider adding an icon that is close to their heart. For instance, my mom has always had anchors put on things for me because I'm from the coast and it will always root me in one way or another. 

22. Looking for ideas to have embroidered? Consider an umbrella, since they are often lost- this will help enable safe return. 

23. Think of the small touches that can be added to items, like phone home screen button, the tongues of shoes, and even the cuff of a shirt. 

24. What are the recipient's hobbies? Do they camp or go to the beach a lot? Consider a beach chair with monogramming. 

25. What goes better with monogramming than mason jars, bows, and pearls? Consider this when giving gifts. 

26. Looking to monogram an item for a child? Consider a stuffed animal's ear or a blanket. 

27. Need a graduation gift for a graduate? Consider having their cap monogrammed. 

28. Travel accessories are great things to monogram- monogrammed items ae less likely to be stolen, and more likely to be returned. 

29. Looking for a gift for a new home? Consider a house number plaque or mailbox cover that has the family monogram on it with the number. 

30. Consider their occupation. Have something monogrammed they can use for work- a badge holder is perfect!

31. Not sure what to gift? Consider a monogram sticker that they can attach to their car or other item of choice!

Looking for more ideas? Check out my "Keeping My Southern Charm" Pinterest Board. 

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