10 Ways to Repurpose Changing Mats

The babies are growing up and there are good sides and bittersweet sides to this. One of the biggest changes is switching "gear" up. We no longer need all the baby stuff we have accumulated over the past 5 years with both babies. Since there are no more to come for us, we can finally get rid of it all. While a lot of it, I'm waiting for someone who needs it to come along, a lot of it I will sell, donate or repurpose. One of those items is the changing mats. We have a ton of these left and I have found many purposes for them and continue to find more.

Here are some ways I have found to repurpose changing mats:

1. Play-Doh Mat: Play-Doh makes messes- that is just a fact of life and depending on where it is being used, the mess can be difficult to clean. I now use a changing mat with a plastic back for Tbomb to play on. It wipes clean and is large enough to keep it all contained.

2. Chair Cover: I like to use these to put in the dining room chairs (and I take them to other people's homes) to protect the chairs from rouge pieces of food. Kids can't always control where it goes.

3. Nap Mat: Because they are padded, these make perfect nap mats for little ones, especially when they are potty training.

4. Table Protector: They protect surfaces perfectly during art projects. If your kids like to paint, don't worry about making sure you nave newspaper on hand to put down, these mats work perfectsly (for dying eggs too!)

5. Place Mat: Does your little one like to spread out while eating like mine does? A regular place mat doesn't cover too well, so these changing mats are perfect!

6. Wet Clothes Changing Pad: Going to the beach or pool? Pack one of these in the bag and use it when you change your little one out of their wet clothes. It will protect your car surfaces from getting wet. They worked perfect to protect the bed when we were on vacation- we just put it down and changed Kodabug. No wet sheets on the bed.

7. Car Seat Protector: Looking to protect the car seats from the kid seats. They do make horrible indents and kids drop stuff a lot- especially food and cups. Line these up on the seat and then put in the car seats- perfect protection!

8. Large Trivet: Having a big meal and need more trivets than you usually keep on hand? Keep a couple of changing pads on hand and use them for several dishes at once! Works great for hot dishes and cold ones that may sweat.

9. Stroller Pad: I put a changing pad in the stroller when Kodabug is going to be in it more than usual because those umbrella strollers don't have much padding and can't be that comfy. It is going to work perectly as we potty train too- just in case.

10. Decor: Do you have changing pads that have pretty prints on them? Make pillows, coasters, and other decor items out of them. Would be great for pillows in your little one's room.

Do you have ideas on how to repurpose changeing mats? I would love to hear about them.

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